Peel/Halton Lawyers Feed the Hungry


The Peel and Halton Region Lawyers Feed the Hungry program (PHLFTH), was launched in January 2018 and will focus on granting funds to agencies involved in hunger relief. The lead volunteers intend to organize fundraising activities such as a wine and cheese gathering and a bowling tournament to raise funds and awareness surrounding the need for the PHLFTH program along with building a potential volunteer base for future initiatives. 

Poverty has become an increasingly pervasive problem in Peel and Halton regions with some estimates indicating that as many as 1 in 5 children in Mississauga and Brampton live below the poverty line.  Poverty rates in Halton also continue to increase year over year. Indeed the largely well-kept subdivisions and condominiums of Halton and Peel often hide the fact that many people are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing cost of living.  Many are forced to choose between paying for their housing or their food.  With dozens of food relief agencies in the region dedicated to helping those in need, the PHLFTH committee would like to bring the lawyers of Peel and Halton together to make a difference in their community and help fight hunger by raising funds for deserving agencies! back to top


To find out more about how you can volunteer or support this worthwhile cause contact Graham Walsh at or by phone 905-334-0370.Canned Food

Volunteer Committee Members:

  • Graham Walsh (Founder), City of Mississauga Legal Services
  • Ruben Goulart, Bernardi Human Resource Law LLP
  • Diane Soos, City of Brampton Legal Services
  • Angely Pacis, Sole Practitioner
  • Nicholas Bader,  Campbell Bader LLP
  • Robert Fernandes, Kania Buttigieg Professional Corporation
  • Andra Maxwell, City of Mississauga Legal Services
  • Lia Magi, City of Mississauga Legal Services
  • Kaleigh Dryla, O'Connor MacLeod Hanna LLP
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The George and Helen Vari Foundation.

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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.

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